Travel, Dating And Sex – New Vacation Trends For Millenials

With so many dating app options, schedule a new date has never been easier. However, despite the fact that we’re more online and connected than any other time in history, an ever increasing number of millennials are trying out another way to meet a partner: Travelling.

As indicated by the 2016 Mastercard Travel Survey, solo travel is up 20% since 2014, and up to 38% from 17% for first-time travelers. This deluge of single pioneers has gotten the attention of the travel industry and started another influx of claim to fame bundles and contributions intended to energize blending with different singles.

One of those lodgings taking into account singles is the Hilton Resort and Spa in Rio de Janeiro, which welcomes those making a trip alone to meet with different visitors ocean side at the Tiki Bar. What’s more, at the Kemi House Resort and Spa in Aruba, each visitor gets an individual guide all through his or her stay who proposes fun social exercises, for example, mixed drink parties, collective meals and rum tastings.

“An ever increasing number of lodgings are discovering approaches to enable solo explorers to have awesome encounters,” Chris Lam, senior supervisor of site DateTravel, told the USAR team. “For example, many lodgings offer exercises like culinary and hikes that visitors can agree to accept on the off chance that they need to join a gathering of similarly invested explorers. What’s more, happy hours, pleasure rooms and other shared spaces offer simple approaches to meet others too.”

Some other people take it one step further. They travel not for dating but for sex. One male traveler we spoke to, who wish to be anonymous, said that he travels exclusively to hookup with girls. “This is just the way it is today”, he said. “The women at home are very boring and most foreign girls are more feminine and fun”. “In addition to packing clothes I also pack my sex toys. You have to be ready for everything!”

What you see here is an increasing trend among the millennial generation to combine travel with dating and sex. Other experts we talked to agrees that this trend will likely increase since the world is getting smaller, and travel costs go down.


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