Travel, Dating And Sex – New Vacation Trends For Millenials

With so many dating app options, schedule a new date has never been easier. However, despite the fact that we’re more online and connected than any other time in history, an ever increasing number of millennials are trying out another way to meet a partner: Travelling.

As indicated by the 2016 Mastercard Travel Survey, solo travel is up 20% since 2014, and up to 38% from 17% for first-time travelers. This deluge of single pioneers has gotten the attention of the travel industry and started another influx of claim to fame bundles and contributions intended to energize blending with different singles.

One of those lodgings taking into account singles is the Hilton Resort and Spa in Rio de Janeiro, which welcomes those making a trip alone to meet with different visitors ocean side at the Tiki Bar. What’s more, at the Kemi House Resort and Spa in Aruba, each visitor gets an individual guide all through his or her stay who proposes fun social exercises, for example, mixed drink parties, collective meals and rum tastings.

“An ever increasing number of lodgings are discovering approaches to enable solo explorers to have awesome encounters,” Chris Lam, senior supervisor of site DateTravel, told the USAR team. “For example, many lodgings offer exercises like culinary and hikes that visitors can agree to accept on the off chance that they need to join a gathering of similarly invested explorers. What’s more, happy hours, pleasure rooms and other shared spaces offer simple approaches to meet others too.”

Some other people take it one step further. They travel not for dating but for sex. One male traveler we spoke to, who wish to be anonymous, said that he travels exclusively to hookup with girls. “This is just the way it is today”, he said. “The women at home are very boring and most foreign girls are more feminine and fun”. “In addition to packing clothes I also pack my sex toys. You have to be ready for everything!”

What you see here is an increasing trend among the millennial generation to combine travel with dating and sex. Other experts we talked to agrees that this trend will likely increase since the world is getting smaller, and travel costs go down.


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How to prepare for anything while travelling on the road?

There are different eventualities that can come up when travelling on the road. Packing basic tools and items in your luggage will ensure you are prepared for anything on your journey. Below are some of the items you need to pack when you are about to embark on any journey.


  • Take along a small First Aid kit

This is essential when you are travelling on the road. You never can tell what can happen on the road. Get basic drugs and medical equipment such as pain relieve tablets, Band-Aids, hydrocortisone cream, scissors, doctor-approved antibiotics, antibacterial ointment, and spirit.


  • Carry multipurpose paraphernalia

Packing multipurpose paraphernalia helps you adjust to any weather condition. It also reduces the quantity of clothing materials you have to take with you on your journey. Packing shoes that are both casual and great enough to wear for an outing makes more sense to packing two different kinds of shoes. Carrying swimming trunks that can double as shorts also makes sense.


  • Include a flashlight in your luggage

You might think this is not necessary since you are not going caving or hiking or something. However, a flashlight is very useful when the electricity decides to go out unexpectedly. It will also be useful if for whatever reason, you get stuck in the middle of the road at night.


Carry enough cash with you

Yes, you can find an ATM anywhere. You however never know when you will need emergency cash. You can get to a store or restaurant and discover that the ATM or POS is not working. You definitely will not want to go hungry because you do not have cash. It is advisable to always carry some cash around in case of such emergency.


Have a list of Emergency Contact

This is of great importance. In case something happens to you, having a contact list of emergency numbers with you will help the medical team know who to get in touch with. You might also want to add a list of your allergies. So in case you need to be treated, the doctors know what to avoid.

Source : Andy Traveler



Important Travel Checklist for Preparing for your Trip

Preparing for a journey requires a lot of preparation. It is important to be adequately prepared to avoid any issue during your journey. Whether you are driving or flying, there are some things that need to be put in place for a seamless journey.


If you will be driving, below is the checklist that you must consider before you embark on the journey.

  • Ensure you have updated auto insurance with you as well as your car registration stickers on your license plate.
  • Change the oil of your car and carry out any maintenance required.
  • Fill the car with enough gas
  • Book your hotel and get confirmation on the check-in time.
  • Double check on the address you are going to so as to avoid driving aimlessly around trying to get direction
  • Shop for grocery such as snacks and beverages to make the long journey more interesting
  • Use your GPS device to navigate to your location.


If you will be flying:

  • Get your passport and visa ready
  • Book your flight. You might want to consider a return ticket if you are certain about your return date
  • Confirm the flight time and ensure you do not miss it
  • Arrange for your pick up at the airport at your arrival
  • Be at the airport ahead of the departure time so that you can sort out all necessary travelling procedure on time
  • Shop for grocery to ensure you have enough snacks to munch on as you journey. Do not totally rely on the snacks that will be provided by the airplane.
  • Check fees and restrictions for luggage size in weight and dimension.
  • Book your hotel ahead of time before you travel. It makes your journey easier and smoother.

When it comes to packing for your trip, you have to be sure you have everything well packed well ahead of time. It is advisable that you finish your packing at least forty eight hours before your trip. This will give you enough time to get everything you need into your luggage.