Heh , Lady’s DAY , Tips on measuring your waist

Okay! Waist measurement is important and needs a lot of accuracy and precision. All you have to do is to consider your circumference of your waist. For this you can use a tape or anything like that and all you have to do is to circle the waist just like a belt would do at the natural or usual waist line. Your natural waist line is located below your rib cage and at above your belly button. If still you are meeting troubles whilst finding your correct waist line, all you have to do is to bend to a side, you’ll see a crease formed. This crease is your natural waist line. Avoiding sucking in your stomach because this will lead to a false or less precise measurement , source. Another point that can help you is that while using the tape; note the point where both ends of the tape meet. The point of this meeting is your actual or natural measurement of waist. Another smart move is to double check your measurement. Repeat your method to ensure the precision and accuracy of your measurement.

Generally, experts report that the waist line measurement for women should be less than 32 inches or 81.3 cm and for men it should be less than 38 inches or 96.5 cm.

Taking The Bus , 5 Main Advantages


With the evolution of the transport industry it seems that the boundaries between cities/countries or even continents no longer do exist . We now have planes,cars,trams,tubes,trains,cruises and such to offer us the best possible experience when traveling. Within this article we’ve shared some details you should know about the bus & its advantages,so let’s explore it :

1- Cost

One of the main advantages of taking the bus is for sure the cost. It’s very cheap and hence it leaves a space for more savings especially when buying season tickets . The Gas’s & Diesel’s price per liter has gone up in the last decade and with so much traffic you’re destined to spend way much more on fuel, not to mention here the rips your car will get over time. The bus is cheaper, faster and Eco-friendly.

2-More Time

I love driving as much as I hate it. When driving myself the only thing I can do in order to entertain myself is listening to the radio.On the other hand while in the bus you can entertain yourself by reading your favorite book ( check out amazon kindle,an app that can be downloaded easily on your smartphone and that offers such a huge online library you can have access to instantly),maybe listening to the band you love or watching a video you’ve bookmarked last week . Oh and what about the social networks,I’m pretty sure you would love to share what your experiencing with your friends and loved ones.

3- Flexibility

What’s something way much worse than a horrible headache on a rainy day ? NOT BEING ABLE TO PARK , YES , Parking might seem like something you can do with your eyes closed but things do change when trying to park around the city (especially crowded areas ),we all know the struggle,it’s almost impossible and let me tell you that the dedicated paid parking spaces will cost you hundreds each month so forget about it.

5- Make New Friends

Pressured because of the traffic,focusing way too much on the car so you can avoid any possible accident leaves you no time to communicate with your fellow travelers in case you’re not alone on the board . The last time I got to know someone was 1 week ago, I’d the chance to meet Mariah , a college student who was wearing an eye-catching college backpack colored in pink & black . She is an exchange student from Vietnam and I really enjoyed the time together and still do today, so yes consider this one factor too,while in the bus you get to know more people,share more ideas/experiences and eventually drive your-inner self to another level.

5- A Better Environment

Last but no least is the pollution factor.If you’ve not heard about greenhouse gases then you should be living under a rock,seriously .Those gases are released mostly by the burning process of oils / fuels and yes your car contributes to more pollution so consider that too when deciding to travel by car.Most buses those days (thanks to the hard work of the scientists & engineers )release almost no gases so the air is clean and fresh .